CueSpider Large Outstation


CueSpider Large Outstation



Fly rail? CueSpiders ?go? there. Performer entrance? CueSpiders ?go? there, too. With a simple run of Ethernet cable, a CueSpider can ?go? wherever you need easy, visual communication.

Your system – your way.
Use the free CueSystem software to customize your cue lights to suit each show. With multiple configuration options, CueSpiders? red and green indicators may be operated either as ?standby? and ?go? signals or as independent cue lights. Control cue lights directly using a CueSystem Desk, or preprogram cue stacks from a PC or Playback Unit. When working with a cue stack, CueSpider and CueSpider Lite outstations display readouts of current and upcoming cues to help keep the show on track.

Acknowledge “standby” cues
CueSystem enables confident cue-calling, even when direct line-of-sight is obstructed. When the stage manager triggers a ?standby,? indicator lights on the CueSystem controller and the CueSpider outstations flash red. Once crew and performers are in place, a press of the flashing button on the CueSpider turns all lights solid red to indicate readiness for the ?go.? Designed for high visibility at a distance, the large outstations are ideal for circle rails, off-stage wings and more. An optional remote button makes it possible to use the acknowledge function.

Additional information

Weight 4.3 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in