From glamour to special effects and more, Ben Nye stage makeup is the right choice

Your theater company might not be large enough to hire top-level makeup artists, but there’s no reason you can’t use Ben Nye stage makeup, considered by many artists and makeup experts to be the finest available.

The Ben Nye stage makeup line is extensive, filling the needs of actors, models and performers of all kinds. There are enough individual products to make you look like a million dollars – without having to spend anywhere near that much.

A Theatrical Makeup Kit includes full-size components with dozens of applications for straight, beauty, aging and special effects. Fair, olive and brown complexions will all come out looking great with six skin-tone combinations. This is a handy Ben Nye stage makeup product that gives you everything you need for both basic and advanced applications.

The company’s current catalog includes a multitude of other Ben Nye stage makeup products. There are Lumiere Crème Colours that are stackable and also fit in a 12-color palate. All together you get 17 radiant shades that stand out and show up.

Shimmer Crayons in the Ben Nye stage makeup line come in high-intensity gold, silver, night and opal shades. They glide on easily and dry to a finish that won’t smudge, even in water.

Deluxe Pressed Colors are made up of 16 eye shadows and seven rouges. Your personal Ben Nye stage makeup kit can be filled with shades like Smokey Taupe, Mink Stole, Wild Orchid, Blushing Bride and Caribbean.

If Deluxe Pressed Colors are too dramatic for your needs, choose the Essential Eye Shadows and Rouges 12-Color Pallette, which contains more traditional Ben Nye stage makeup shades.

The Lumiere Grande Colour Pallettes come in two shade types – brilliant and metallic. With eight colors in each pallette, this is the Ben Nye stage makeup’s most popular eye shadow line.

Stackable Crème Concealers are new to the Ben Nye stage makeup product line. These intensely pigmented concealers are designed to cover tattoos, bruises, redness and discoloration under the eyes.

You’ll be able to create a variety of character designs with the Master Production Kit. Included in the kit are six matte foundations, crème highlights, shadows, concealers, rouge, pencils and eye shadows. This Ben Nye stage makeup product truly has it all.

Another exciting part of the Ben Nye stage makeup line is Lash Shadow, which is a highly concentrated, long-lasting eye liner. Three colors are available – espresso, eggplant and black.

Theater troupes and stage companies everywhere know the value and importance of high-quality stage makeup. And more and more of them are turning to Ben Nye stage makeup for the versatility and beauty across numerous products and lines.

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