Theatrical Technical Services

Whatever Your Needs Our Theatrical Technical Assistance Service Department is Here to Help!

At Philadelphia Theatrical Supply we have certified technicians on staff who handle repairs, system design, parts integration, training, and system modifications for products from top manufacturers.

ETC Console Training

Our ETC certified console programmers offer hands-on training sessions for your staff. Sessions generally run approximately 8 hours, though depending on the level and information needed by the end user, this can possibly be modified as needed. We offer all levels of training from Beginner/Level 1 through Expert/Advanced for all current ETC consoles.

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ETC Dimming System Repair & Maintenance

We service all ETC dimming systems from replacing, diagnosing, and maintenance calls to designing new lighting systems to fit your needs.

Unison Paradigm®

Unison Paradigm® is powerful and flexible, supporting both small control systems and large complex lighting control needs. Integration with building systems is also simple for the greatest flexibility.

Unison Mosaic®

Unison Mosaic® is lighting controls for dramatic effects. Merge lighting control, show control and media effects into one visionary design.

Unison Echo®

Unison Echo® provides flexible, intelligent control – simply. Echo is a distributed control system, with advanced features for space combine and building system integration.

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RF Coordination

Our technicians are here to help you with all your audio needs. With new government frequency restrictions and our world’s ever-increasing wireless usage, it can be quite daunting for the average end user to keep their systems compliant. Our staff is here to assist you with all RF coordination, from RF Spectrum analysis to designing a complete audio system for your musical, opera, or an in-house sound system.

Common wireless systems we service include:

Wireless System Manager/Wireless Workbench

Wireless Workbench® 6 software works in concert with Shure wireless systems Axient® Digital, Axient®, ULX-D®, QLX-D®, and UHF-R®, plus the PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System. Manage and monitor wireless system performance over the network, from pre-show planning through post-performance analysis.

Intermodulation Analysis System (IAS)

Intermodulation Analysis System (IAS) by Professional Wireless Systems saves precious setup time by combining a database of wireless performance equipment and access to local television frequencies in use Nicolude Lighting, Dante Networks, Bi-Amp Tesira, and Extron Classroom Systems.

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Our certified technicians also assist our customers with any products from these industry-leading manufacturers:

  • Crestron
  • QSC Q-sys
  • Lutron Shading
  • Draper Shading
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