Stage Makeup Kits And Theatrical Makeup Supplies

M. Cramer & Associates (formerly Philadelphia Theatrical Supply) is an authorized dealer for all major professional makeup brands used for theatrical purposes. We offer a fully-stocked showroom for our customers to easily view and purchase professional makeup kits. We sell the following professional stage makeup brands:

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Ben Nye Theatrical Makeup Kits

The Ben Nye Theatrical Makeup kit is so versatile that it allows makeup artists to attain the look they want, and their makeup application improves with experience.

Ben Nye Makeup Kits Are Ideal For:

  • Theater Productions
  • Film & TV
  • Cosplay & Costumes
  • Special Events & Halloween
  •  Educational/Teaching Settings

Elevate your artistry with the Ben Nye Stage Makeup Kit. For more details and to purchase, visit our Ben Nye Stage Makeup Kits page.

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Ben Nye Professional Moulage Kit

  • Instruction and Support for First-Time Users
    When you first use the Ben Nye Moulage Kit, it’s helpful to have instruction and support from the seller.
  • Comprehensive Kit Options
    Whether you choose the Ben Nye Professional Master Moulage Kit, which includes all the cosmetics and tools needed for hundreds of wound looks, or the Ben Nye Basic Moulage Kit, both provide everything necessary to create realistic wound effects.
  • Detailed Manuals and Expert Tips
    These kits come with full-color manuals explaining how to create common wounds like burns, blisters, fractures, cyanosis, and lacerations. Additionally, you’ll find expert tips for setting up casualty exercises and designing wounds for health, trauma, and emergency responder training.

Mehron Professional Stage Makeup Kits

Mehron Makeup has been a leader in high-quality, high-value, professional makeup products for decades. These stage makeup kits are designed to exceed expectations and they always look amazing, feel fabulous and stay in place under the most intense conditions and lighting.

Mehron Makeup is made in the USA with the best ingredients. Their product is highly valued by professional makeup artists from Hollywood to Broadway and has been trusted in theatrical productions, runway shows, performance pieces, and even for their everyday use. Among their extensive range of products, Mehron also offers an exceptional stage makeup kit, tailored to meet the demanding needs of performers.

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Kryolan Professional Stage Makeup Kits

For more than 66 years, Berlin-based Kryolan has provided makeup products to the theater, cinema, and television industries. More than 16,000 high-quality stage makeup kits and accessories manufactured by the company are currently in use internationally. The makeup artist or designer’s creations are renowned for their ability in both live theater, HD lighting, and shooting environments.


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Choose M. Cramer & Associates’s Stage Makeup Kits

Our theatrical makeup kits are meticulously curated to meet the unique demands of performers, artists, and makeup enthusiasts alike.

Quality Assurance: Each item in our stage makeup kits is crafted using premium ingredients and materials, ensuring exceptional performance, durability, and comfort under stage lights.

Comprehensive Selection: Our professional makeup kits offer a comprehensive selection of products designed to cater to all your performance needs.

Customizable Options: We are capable of designing a custom kit that fulfills your requirements, be it for a dance recital, theater play, or other special occasion.

Contact us today to discuss how M. Cramer & Associates can assist you with your professional makeup needs.