Rosco Fog Machine & Gels for Lighting: Know Your Options

Rosco offers a wide range of gels for lighting your stage, film or video productions. If you need gels for lighting, you’ll find an extensive range of 20” x 24” color sheets in their Roscolux Gel Filter sheet pack. Rosco’s gels for lighting can be combined through additive mixing to achieve a virtually unlimited color palette. Their E-Color filter sheets include gels for lighting, as well as filter sheets for color correction, effects, diffusion and reflection, which can be purchased in 48” x 25’ rolls or 21” x 24” sheets. Rosco’s Cinegel gels for lighting work well for film and television, and include over 75 tools and Rosco filters for controlling light.

If you need a Rosco fog machine, the most affordable option if the Rosco Alpha 900. The Rosco Alpha 900 is the lowest priced of all Rosco fog machines, but it has a large volume for its size. This Rosco fog machine is operated from a handheld remote attached to a 30 ft cord, or it can be operated with a wireless remote control.

The Rosco Delta 3000 Fog Machine provides large volumes of fog—enough to fill most stages in a minute—with its G300 heat exchanger and unique thermostatic control. This Rosco fog machine can be operated by three different remote controls, allowing designers to precisely control the start and end of fog on cue.

The Rosco Delta 6000 fog machine is a high-output, industrial-strength machine perfect for large stages, theme parks and more. Its dual-path heat exchanger produces massive fog output, making this Rosco fog machine ideal for industrial applications such as military training, leak detection and safety training in buildings, aircraft and seagoing vessels. It consumes around 9L of fog fluid per hour, and can be operated by three remotes.

The Rosco PF-1000 is perhaps the most versatile Rosco fog machine option. The PF-1000 is essentially a Rosco fog machine removed from its box, which allows the designer to attach the Rosco fog machine to walls, place it inside props, or more depending on the designer’s needs.

The Rosco Model 1700 fog machine is a low-cost, quality machine. This low-lying Rosco fog machine works well for theaters, clubs, rental use and more. It draws relatively low power—1190W, and comes with a remote control.

The Rosco Model 1900 fog machine provides about twice the output of the Model 1700 Rosco fog machine. It’s a professional model at a relatively affordable price. The Model 1900 works well wherever large amounts of fog are needed, such as clubs, large stages and industrial applications.