Tips to get the Most Out of Your Ben Nye Makeup

Makeup is one of the main tools for theatre actors not only because it allows them to convey a wide range of emotions, but also because it can be skillfully used for added dramatic effect. And among theatrical makeup manufacturers, Ben Nye makeup is often relied upon for a wide variety of stage productions, big and small. However, theatrical makeup must endure a more strenuous day than that faced by normal makeup. Thus, it’s important to follow a few simple steps to ensure that your stage makeup performs as well as you:

  1. As with any makeup, begin with a thoroughly washed face. After you’ve cleaned your face, apply a moisturizer suited to your skin type to hydrate your skin. This ensures that your skin is soft and smooth so the makeup will glide over the surface of your skin and last longer.
  2. Apply small dots of foundation across your t-zone first. Then use a clean, dry sponge to blend the dots together, being careful to avoid caking and getting the foundation in your hair or eyebrows. Ben Nye offers many different foundations, each with its own benefits and use case. From close up work to film noire, there is a foundation that’s perfect for each lighting condition. As the name implies, foundation is the basis of your makeup on stage, and it’s extremely important that you take care to get the foundation properly set on your face.
  3. Once the foundation has set, dust a loose powder lightly over your skin to set the foundation. You should now have a smooth canvas on which to design whatever look you need. You’ll find that any look can be achieved using Ben Nye eyeshadows, liners, blushes, lipsticks, and more. Each is available in a wide variety of colors and formulations to ensure the perfect look each and every time.
  4. Once your work is finished, you’ll find that Ben Nye makeup can be removed just as easily as you applied it. For water-based products, simply use warm water and a gentle cloth to wipe the makeup away. For oil-based products, make sure that you use Ben Nye’s makeup remover which is formulated specifically for Ben Nye products. Regardless of which type of product you’re using, it’s always a good idea to ensure all traces of makeup have been removed from the skin. It is also important to apply a moisturizer afterwards to keep your skin supple and soft and ready for the next show.

PTS Online offer a variety of Ben Nye makeup products, both for the stage and for everyday use. Depending on your desired effect, you may use any one or a combination of products, but you can rest assured that all Ben Nye products are designed to work together and to perform well under all conditions.

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