Professional Theatrical Makeup

Philadelphia Theatrical Supply is an authorized dealer for all major professional makeup brands used for theatrical purposes. We offer a fully-stocked showroom for our customers to easily view and purchase professional makeup.

We sell the following professional makeup brands:

Ben Nye Makeup

When you first use Ben Nye Moulage kits, it is helpful to have instruction and support from the seller. The Ben Nye Moulage kit is so versatile that it allows makeup artists to attain the look they want, and their makeup application improves with experience. As a staple for use on stage, in film, and in trauma simulation, Ben Nye Moulage Kits are among the most sought after due to their quality and versatility.

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Regardless of whether you choose Ben Nye’s Master Moulage Kit, which contains all the makeup materials and tools needed to create hundreds of wounds or the basic Ben Nye Moulage kit, both provide all of the tools to create realistic wound effects. Both kits include detailed full-color booklets describing how to produce typical injuries such as burns, blisters, compound fractures, cyanosis, self-made wounds, lacerations, and more for stage and film use. In addition, the kits also include expert tips for setting up a casualty exercise as well as wound design tips specific to health, trauma, and emergency responder training exercises.

Even with these included guides, it pays to choose a seller that has deep experience with all facets of this makeup’s use in a wide variety of settings. Sellers such as leading theatrical supply houses will have the expertise to help assess your needs and make recommendations on a purchase.

More importantly, they can provide a wealth of additional tips and ideas that can greatly improve your application and design technique. They are likely to have a list of recommendations for assistance from experts and highly skilled amateurs and trauma simulation experts.

Remember, the more professional the application and design that is geared to the intended audience, the more believable the scenario. To learn more about Ben Nye Moulage kits as well as pricing, discounts, and purchase.

Mehron Makeup

Mehron Makeup has been a leader in high-quality, high-value, professional makeup products for decades. Their products are designed to exceed expectations and they always look amazing, feel fabulous, and stay in place under the most intense conditions and lighting.

Mehron Makeup is made in the USA with the best ingredients. Their product is highly valued by professional makeup artists from Hollywood to Broadway and has been trusted in theatrical productions, runway shows, performance pieces, and even for their everyday use.

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Kryolan Professional Makeup

Berlin-based Kryolan has been supplying the film, theater, and television industries with makeup supplies for over sixty-six years. Today, the company has more than 16,000 high-quality make-up products and accessories used around the world. The makeup maker/designer’s products are known for their ability to work well on camera and under HD lighting and filming conditions as well as live theater.

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