How To Cover A Tattoo With Makeup

How To Cover A Tattoo With Makeup

Need a clear canvas for a special event? Covering tattoos with makeup is a viable option, and with the right products and technique, you can achieve a flawless finish. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from choosing the best makeup to the step-by-step application process.

Top-Rated Tattoo Cover Up Makeup Products

There are two main types of makeup suitable for tattoo cover-up: alcohol-activated colors and creme concealers.

1. Ben Nye Alcohol Activated Colors

Ben Nye Alcohol Activated Colors offer the most durable coverage, but require more effort to apply. Ben Nye Tattoo Cover Palette provides five key colors to neutralize ink and create a solid foundation. The colors come completely dry and require 99% alcohol for activation. This high-performance solution makes them water and sweat-resistant once dry.

Think of applying alcohol-activated makeup like watercolor painting. Build up coverage with thin layers, using a sponge or brush for a smooth base. Stippling or flicking color with a bristled brush creates a natural look.

Ben Nye Alcohol Activated ColorsHere’s a key tip: To prevent colors from blending unintentionally, set each layer with translucent powder before adding a new one. This ensures the previous layer dries completely.

Once you’ve neutralized the tattoo, apply a matching shade from the Ben Nye palette before finishing with your regular foundation or concealer. You can even mix colors directly on the palette lid to achieve the perfect match, though this takes some practice.

2. Ben Nye Creme Neutralizers and Concealers

Ben Nye Creme Neutralizers and Concealers

Ben Nye Creme makeup offers a user-friendly alternative. They provide high coverage straight from the container and blend easily for precise shades. They come in individual pots or palettes. Ben Nye’s NT-4 Tattoo Cover is a fantastic choice for neutralizing blue tones, while SC-12 Brick Red in the Ben Nye Adjuster Palette tackles black tattoos effectively.

For crisp line coverage, Concealer Crayons are your best bet. NP-22 works wonders on faded or light blue tattoos, while NP-24 is ideal for deeper blues.

Remember to set all creme products with a powder after application. Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder offers maximum durability without altering the color underneath.

Steps for Applying Makeup to Cover-Up Tattoos

Prep Skin

Now that you’ve chosen your weapon of choice, here’s how to achieve a flawless tattoo cover-up:

1. Prep Skin

Start with a clean, moisturized canvas. Apply a primer to create a smooth base and extend the wear time of your makeup.

2. Neutralize the Tattoo Ink

Neutralize the Tattoo Ink Use your chosen product (alcohol-activated colors or creme neutralizers) to neutralize the tattoo’s base color.

3. Conceal

concealApply a full-coverage concealer on top of the neutralized tattoo to further camouflage any remaining ink.

4. Replicate

Use foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone to even out the covered area and


blend seamlessly with the rest of your face.

5. Set

Lock in your hard work with a translucent setting powder to prevent smudging and ensure all-day wear.

6. Removal

Use a gentle oil-based makeup remover to take off your tattoo cover-up at the end of the day.


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