What are the Must-Haves in Stage Makeup Kits?

One of the most vital aspects of a play or production are the stage makeup kits. From helping to show emotion from afar to bringing a character to life for the audience, stage makeup is essential for nearly all performances. Thus, most actors build their own personal stage makeup kit, using products and accessories that they know work well with their skin and features. While all stage makeup kits are personal and will contain different items, there are a few items that are essential for any professional actor:

Cleansing Agents. Stage makeup is often referred to as grease paint because it is heavy, oil based, and can be difficult to remove. This means that all actors will make use of a variety of facial and skin cleansers and scrubs. Make sure that you choose one that’s right for the particular makeup that you’re using. And that you are careful to avoid damaging your skin over time.

Application Tools. Like any form of art, there’s a right tool and a wrong tool for every desired look. Building up a good selection of brushes, sponges, and papers will ensure that you always have the right tool for the job, regardless of the desired look. Having the best tools for the job will also ensure you get the best coverage and required effect every time.

Makeup. Your makeup is what helps you to convey emotion and to help your character to come to life. You must therefore have a wide range of makeups, lipsticks, blushes, and powders at your disposal. Because every character is different, and because stages can be both indoors and outdoors, you must make sure that your makeup kit is well-stocked at all times with makeup that can withstand a range of abuse, lighting, and environmental conditions.

Fixing sprays. Because stage makeup is so heavy, and because performing is very demanding on makeup, you will usually need to use some type of fixer product. These sprays and creams allow the makeup to set more quickly and thoroughly, and they allow the look to stand up to the lighting and abuse of the stage.

Details and effects. Characters are people too, and that means they will have small details that are particular to their own faces. This means you must have access to items such as stage blood, scar wax, and facial hair so that you can really bring your character to life. These little details are just as important as your makeup, and often work to bring a character to life.

Regardless of your role, having a well stocked and planned makeup kit is essential to putting on the best possible show for your audience. By using carefully chosen products, and by enhancing them with thoughtful details and effects, your characters will come to life on the stage, and your audience will be delighted and thrilled with the care that you’ve put into them.