Creme Foundations


Performing Arts, Contemporary Theatre, Lite, Tan, Olive, Twenty, and Maple Series

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Smooth consistency provides bold or subtle effects, and effortless blending with Creme Rouges, Highlights and Shadow



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Ben Nye Creme Foundation

CT-01 Pale Bisque, CT-05 Bella 001, CT-09 Bella 002, CT-11 Cameo Beige, CT-13 Bella 003, CT-15 Vanilla Almond, CT-17 Pale Honey, L-0 Creamy Beige, L-1 Creamy Peach, L-2 Lite Beige, L-3 Rose Beige, L-5 Tan Rose, MA-1 Golden Bronze, MA-2 Brown Sugar, MA-3 Hazelnut, MA-4 Rich Cocoa, MA-5 Coffee Bean, MA-6 Deep Ebony, PAS-1 Natural Beige (BEK-3), PAS-15 Brulee (NO-5), PAS-19 Au Lait (SA-1), PAS-3 Ivory (SHK-0), PAS-5 Olive Tan (ISK-18), PAS-7 Radiant Olive (ROK-4), PAS-9 Soft Caramel (NO-7), T-1 Golden Tan, TW-20 Rice Paper, TW-21 Ivory, TW-22 Golden Beige, TW-23 Fawn, TW-24 Honey, Y-1 Lite Olive, Y-3 Medium Olive, Y-5 Olive Tan