The?Field Template? Rules! English Metric Stencil, the template used ?round the metric world.?



First, Shelley selected 32 of today?s latest symbols: ETC, Strand, Selecon, Robert Juliat, and Reich & Vogel, along with generic striplights and moving lights. He sorted them into appropriate categories, to allow for easier recognition.
Then he added a collection of symbols not found on any other template! LED designations, scrollers, tophats and halfhats, dimming shutters, concentric rings, HMI indicators, and a host of circles, rectangles, squares, and triangles.
Next, Shelley arranged the collection of symbols onto his patented Pro?Grid System. The pre-spaced distance between symbols is 50 centimeters, while the surrounding grid is based on 10 centimeter increments. This means symbols can be drawn at any measured distance between each other without the use of a scale.
As usual, he also aligned the symbols, so that the thick horizontal line indicates a batten, the hang point for each instrument.
Adjacent to each symbol?s label, Shelley?s provided the generic beam spread, the hanging weight [kilos], and metric cut color size for that instrument type, to allow for easy reference.
Next, he fit the symbols into a plastic page that?s just a little taller than an A4 piece of paper, and added four holes on the left-hand side?the template can be snapped into a two-ring or four-ring notebook. And the top of the template sticks up above the rest of the A4 paper. Not only can you find the template quick, it acts like a tab!
Finally, Shelley designed the template so that the 32 symbols are repeated in TWO SCALES?1:25 and 1:50 .
And each scale is printed on each side of the template. For that matter, a 1/2? and 1/4? scale is printed across the bottom of the template as well.

No scale ruler – a complete package of cutout symbols in two scales – specific information about each symbol printed right on the stencil. All this seamlessly combined into a single plastic appliance.

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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 0.1 in