Roscolux Gel Sheets: 20″ X 24″


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20″ X 24″ Sheets.

Roscolux is widely recognized as the most versatile range of color, correction and diffusion filters for entertainment lighting. Originally introduced in the United States, it is now available all around the globe. Roscolux is comprised of two types of body-colored plastic filters; extruded polycarbonate and deep dyed polyester, both of which provide superior consistency and durability when installed in front of hot theatrical and film/TV fixtures.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 0.1 in
Roscolux Color

R00 Dempster Open White, R01 Light Bastard Amber, R02 Bastard Amber, R03 Dark Bastard Amber, R04 Medium Bastard Amber, R05 Rose Tint, R06 No Color Straw, R07 Pale Yellow, R08 Pale Gold, R09 Pale Amber Gold, R10 Medium Yellow, R11 Light Straw, R12 Straw, R13 Straw Tint, R14 Medium Straw, R15 Deep Straw, R16 Light Amber, R17 Light Flame, R18 Flame, R19 Fire, R20 Medium Amber, R21 Golden Amber, R22 Deep Amber, R23 Orange, R24 Scarlet, R25 Orange Red, R26 Light Red, R27 Medium Red, R30 Light Salmon Pink, R31 Salmon Pink, R32 Medium Salmon Pink, R33 No Color Pink, R34 Flesh Pink, R35 Light Pink, R36 Medium Pink, R37 Pale Rose Pink, R38 Light Rose, R39 Skelton Exotic Sangria, R40 Light Salmon, R41 Salmon, R42 Deep Salmon, R43 Deep Pink, R44 Middle Rose, R45 Rose, R46 Magenta, R47 Light Rose Purple, R48 Rose Purple, R49 Medium Purple, R50 Mauve, R51 Surprise Pink, R52 Light Lavender, R53 Pale Lavender, R54 Special Lavender, R55 Lilac, R56 Gypsy Lavender, R57 Lavender, R58 Deep Lavender, R59 Indigo, R60 No Color Blue, R61 Mist Blue, R62 Booster Blue, R63 Pale Blue, R64 Light Steel Blue, R65 Daylight Blue, R66 Cool Blue, R67 Light Sky Blue, R68 Parry Sky Blue, R69 Brilliant Blue, R70 Nile Blue, R71 Sea Blue, R72 Azure Blue, R73 Peacock Blue, R74 Night Blue, R75 Twilight Blue, R76 Light Green Blue, R77 Green Blue, R78 Trudy Blue, R79 Bright Blue, R80 Primary Blue, R81 Urban Blue, R82 Surprise Blue, R83 Medium Blue, R84 Zephyr Blue, R85 Deep Blue, R86 Pea Green, R87 Pale Yellow Green, R88 Light Green, R89 Moss Green, R90 Dark Yellow Green, R91 Primary Green, R92 Turquoise, R93 Blue Green, R94 Kelly Green, R95 Medium Blue Green, R96 Lime, R97 Light Grey, R98 Medium Grey, R99 Chocolate, R100 Frost, R101 Light Frost, R102 Light Tough Frost, R103 Tough Frost, R104 Tough Silk, R105 Tough Spun, R106 Light Tough Spun, R111 Tough Rolux, R112 Opal Tough Frost, R113 Matte Silk, R114 Hamburg Frost, R115 Light Tough Rolux, R116 Tough White Diffusion, R117 Tough 1/2 White Diffusion, R118 Tough 1/4 White Diffusion, R119 Light Hamburg Frost, R120 Red Diffusion, R121 Blue Diffusion, R122 Green Diffusion, R124 Red Cyc Silk, R125 Blue Cyc Silk, R126 Green Cyc Silk, R127 Amber Cyc Silk, R132 Quarter Hamburg Frost, R140 Subtle Hamburg Frost, R160 Light Tough Silk, R162 Light Opal, R163 Powder Frost, R302 Pale Bastard Amber, R303 Warm Peach, R304 Pale Apricot, R305 Rose Gold, R310 Daffodil, R312 Canary, R313 Light Relief Yellow, R316 Gallo Gold, R317 Apricot, R318 Mayan Sun, R321 Soft Golden Amber, R324 Gypsy Red, R325 Henna Sky, R331 Shell Pink, R332 Cherry Rose, R333 Blush Pink, R336 Billington Pink, R337 True Pink, R339 Broadway Pink, R342 Rose Pink, R343 Neon Pink, R344 Follies Pink, R346 Tropical Magenta, R347 Belladonna Rose, R348 Purple Jazz, R349 Fisher Fuchsia, R351 Lavender Mist, R353 Lilly Lavender, R355 Pale Violet, R356 Middle Lavender, R357 Royal Lavender, R358 Rose Indigo, R359 Medium Violet, R360 Clearwater, R361 Hemsley Blue, R362 Tipton Blue, R363 Aquamarine, R364 Blue Bell, R365 Tharon Delft Blue, R366 Jordan Blue, R367 Slate Blue, R368 Winkler Blue, R369 Tahitian Blue, R370 Italian Blue, R371 Theatre Booster 1, R372 Theatre Booster 2, R373 Theatre Booster 3, R374 Sea Green, R375 Cerulean Blue, R376 Bermuda Blue, R377 Iris Purple, R378 Alice Blue, R381 Baldassari Blue, R382 Congo Blue, R383 Sapphire Blue, R384 Midnight Blue, R385 Royal Blue, R386 Leaf Green, R388 Gaslight Green, R389 Chroma Green, R392 Pacific Green, R393 Emerald Green, R395 Teal Green, R397 Pale Grey, R398 Neutral Grey