24 channel 100W rack mount dimmer



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The DMX24DIM family of dimmers have twenty-four outputs and are designed for high efficacy loads, low idle power, and minimal losses. Typical loads include Christmas light strings (LED and incandescent), and low power lamps such as LED, neon, compact fluorescent, electronic and magnetic low voltage, halogen and incandescent. Common applications include Christmas tree lighting, cue lights, signs, marquees, and practicals.

The DMX24DIM occupies 1U of rack space. The DMX24DIM-2U occupies 2U of rack space. The DMX24DIM uses two conductor ungrounded outlets, while the DMX24DIM-2U provides grounded parallel blade output connectors. Both have Airflow from front to side, and include half inch holes for half couplers or C clamps. Their enclosures features a carry handle and a 3/8 inch safety cable slot.

The DMX24DIM-JBOX has terminal blocks for all connections and comes in a 12?x18?x4? NEMA 1 junction box.

All DMX24DIMs are DMX512-A compliant and ETL listed to UL508. These dimmers are forward phase firing (aka: leading edge firing). They use Triac power output devices. DMX24DIMs are not capable of reverse phase (aka: trailing edge or ELV) firing. If you need reverse phase firing, check out our DMX12DIM-ELV.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in