ColorSource Spot JR Fixture


ColorSource Spot Jr


ColorSource Spot jr gives you more of what you love at a fraction of the cost AND a fraction of the size. This fixture uses the same color technology as other ETC fixtures including droop compensation, extensive third-party lifetime testing, and comprehensive factory color calibration.

ColorSource Spot jr is available in both original and Deep Blue arrays. With 5,700 lumens of brightness coming out of this light-weight fixture, ColorSource Spot jr fits any need. ColorSource Spot jr has built-in zoom capability, great for small stages, club spaces, and retail. Longer throws and short trim heights make this an all-purpose luminaire. Highlight a performer with a special in one show and add texture with a breakup pattern in another. Original:
Warm pastels and hues to enhance skin tones.


Ships With: ColorSource Spot jr luminaire and UL1573 powerCON cable with connector of choice.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Fixture Color

Black, White

LED Array

ColorSource Deep Blue, ColorSource Original

Connector Leads

L520 Twistlock, Bare Ends, Edison, Stage Pin