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For the receiving end of long control runs we recommend the DMX512 Isolation Amplifier [121]. It contains separate input and output power supplies. This allows the input circuitry to receive signals as low as 0.2 volts. These are optionally available in any number of configurations for systems with more than one DMX512 universe. Input and output circuitry and specifications are identical to that of our standard splitters.

The model 121D and 121Q contain the same isolation and protection circuitry used in our 121, but have multiple isolators in a single enclosure. They are ideally suited for use with control consoles which have multiple DMX outputs. The model 121D has two isolators and the 121Q has four isolators.

Available connector types: 5 pin XLR, 3 pin XLR, terminal block, RJ-45 (ESTA or Color Kinetics pinout), or mounted in a JBOX enclosure.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in