RS-232 to DMX converter, 5pin XLR NOTE: SEE WEB SITE FOR RS-232 PROTOCOL



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The RS-232 to DMX interface allows advanced A/V control systems and computers to operate standard DMX512 devices such as dimmers and moving lights. It can also be used to allow an RS-232 based control system to receive DMX512 data. The RS-232 protocol used for this communication is made up of simple ASCII strings sent or received at 9600 baud. The interface can set and fade DMX channels to specific levels. It can also record and play 20 presets, each with individual fade times. The interface can be used to capture incoming levels produced by an outside DMX source. The RS-232 port appears on the front panel as a standard DB-9 connector. Another RS-232 port is available on the rear panel through a 3 pin female XLR connector. Only one of these connections can be used at a time. For simple operation, the Windows Hyperterminal program can be used to communicate with the interface.

Available connector types: 5 pin XLR, 3 pin XLR, RJ-45 (ESTA or Color Kinetics pinout), or mounted in a JBOX enclosure.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in