Chain Pole Clamp


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Chain Pole Clamp
The extremely low profile Chain Pole Clamp clamps securely to 2.375? to 7?OD tent poles utilizing many contact points to maximize its grip while the 6061T-6 aluminum link design minimizes potential damage to the tent poles. Beefy 1? ? 2? link pairs conform to any shape. Design Load is 1000 pounds. The actual usable load is dependent on the tent manufacturer?s permissible loads for the tent pole. Coarse adjust the clamping diameter with the 1? link increments and use the two offset locking pin holes in the main clamp body for finer adjustment. Tighten the Chain Pole Clamp with the included tee handle to secure the Chain Pole Clamp to the tent pole. A wrench may be used to further tighten the clamp up to a maximum of 75 foot pounds torque. Two ?-13 threaded holes are provided on the main clamp body for attaching point load accessories. The stainless steel chain link pins are hollow to allow easy length adjustment and pinned attachments at any possible location around the perimeter of the clamp. Chain attachment accessories quickly connect with two 3/8? x 1.5? ball detent pins to secure lights or accessory load points along the chain. All hardware is stainless steel to hold up in the outdoor unconditioned space tent environment.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in