Dimmer Doubler assembly w/bare end input


Dimmer Doubler assembly w/bare end input

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ETC?s Dimmer Doubling gives you two independently controlled
lighting circuits for every dimmer you install. It?s simple. Run one pair
of wires from any ETC Sensor or Unison dimmer to a conventional
outlet. Connect an ETC Dimmer Doubler, and plug in two ETC Source
Four fixtures with 550W 77V HPL lamps. That?s it!
The two lighting circuits function independently, as if they were
connected to separate dimmers.
Dimmer Doubling saves you money by dramatically reducing the
number of dimmers you need for your venue. Typically, you could
require 25-50% fewer dimmers, potentially saving thousands of
dollars in equipment costs. And fewer dimmers means less wiring,
lower installation costs – and more savings.
Easily increase dimmer circuit counts for renovations without
additional construction
Adding dimmer circuits to existing installations for specials or
more complex lighting plots
Doubles dimmer circuit counts for touring shows
Fewer dimmers
Less wiring
Lower installation costs
No loss of dimmer-per-circuit control

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Weight 9.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 in