Double I Beam Curtain Track Splice Black


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The M 140 Track Splice is made of two 1/4? ? 1? ? 3-1/2″ aluminum bars designed to fit into the upper ?I? of the walk along style tracks. The rear splice bar is drilled and tapped at the factory, so no nuts or wrenches are required for installation. The front bar has matching holes for the fasteners to fit through. Punch both tracks with our punch. Loosely fasten one side of the splice. Slide the tracks together and align the tracks vertically. Securely tighten the socket head cap screws until the Belleville washers are flattened, using a 1/4″ hex key driver.

Quickly and efficiently join walk along track pieces together using the M 140 Track Splice and our M140 Punch. The M 140 Punch places the punch die in the exact location required by sliding the slot in the punch into the end of the top rail of the track until the track and punch meet firmly. Then squeeze the handles together to punch the hole. Repeat on the other piece of track. This can be performed on the ground or in the grid. The hand held and operated punch effortlessly provides more than a ton of punching force.

The M-140 track with a M 140 track Splice properly installed did not flex with over a 600 pound load placed directly on top of the splice.

The M 140 Track Splice fits our M-140 track, ADC 140 track, and H&H 300 track.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in