Lustrous Lipstick



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Lipsticks are moist, creamy and intensely saturated with color for vibrant, long lasting wear.


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Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.5 × 1 in
Lustrous Lipstick Color

LS-10 Bordeaux, LS-11 Desert Rose, LS-12 Natural Brown, LS-13 Magenta, LS-14 True Red, LS-15 Siren Red, LS-16 Ruby Red, LS-17 Black, LS-19 Mocha Rose, LS-2 Hot Pink, LS-23 Boysenberry, LS-26 Primrose, LS-3 Coral, LS-31 Hot Coral, LS-32 Rose Glaze, LS-33 Marilyn Red, LS-34 Russian Red, LS-35 Vampira, LS-38 Silver Ice (Shimmer), LS-4 Dusty Rose, LS-41 Cotton Candy, LS-47 First Blush, LS-48 Watermelon, LS-5 Garnet, LS-50 Poppy, LS-51 Cherryberry, LS-52 Pink Tart, LS-55 Nudie, LS-56 Blushable, LS-57 Doe-A-Deer, LS-58 Peachy Keen, LS-59 Gypsy Rose, LS-6 Plum Pink, LS-60 Wild Violet, LS-62 Wicked Plum, LS-63 Red Coat (Matte), LS-64 Candy Pink, LS-65 Just Nude, LS-66 Purely Nude, LS-7 Natural, LS-8 Cranberry, LS-9 Plum