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Ben Nye Creme Colors provide smooth, even coverage and great blendability. Ideal for primary and secondary accent shades to create whimsical, dramatic, animal, clown, or fantasy makeups.


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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 0.5 in
Ben Nye Creme Color

CL-1 White, CL-10 Dark Sunburn, CL-11 Cinnamon, CL-12 Copper Brown, CL-13 Fire Red, CL-130 Special Red, CL-131 Fresh Cut, CL-14 Blood Red, CL-15 Maroon, CL-16 Vivid Violet, CL-17 Misty Violet, CL-18 Purple, CL-19 Blue, CL-2 Forest Green, CL-20 Turquoise, CL-21 Peacock Blue, CL-211 Kelly Green, CL-22 Sky Blue, CL-23 Blue-Grey, CL-25 Steel Grey, CL-26 Grey, CL-27 Beard Stipple, CL-28 Coal, CL-29 Black, CL-3 Green, CL-31 Army Green, CL-32 Lime Green, CL-33 Gecko Green, CL-4 Bright Pink, CL-5 Yellow, CL-6 Goldenrod, CL-61 Desert Tan, CL-7 Orange, CL-70 Special Orange, CL-8 Mauve, CL-9 Sunburn Stipple