Proscenium Creme Foundations


Proscenium Creme Foundation

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Smooth consistency provides bold or subtle effects, and effortless blending with Creme Rouges, Highlights and Shadow



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Ben Nye Creme Foundation

P-022 Ballet White, P-023 Pure Ivory, P-024 Porcelain, P-1 White, P-11 Teak, P-111 Olive Amber, P-12 Warm Honey, P-121 Olive Cream, P-125 Tan Au Lait, P-127 Caramel Tan, P-14 Sallow Green, P-15 Cadaver Grey, P-16 Blue Spirit, P-17 Death Purple, P-18 Death Straw, P-19 Death Flesh, P-2 Lite Pink, P-20 Pal Vampire, P-21 Frankenstein, P-22 Death Blue Grey, P-4 Ultra Fair, P-41 Fairest, P-42 Ultra Beige, P-43 Alabaster, P-45 Olive Fair, P-5 Natural Fair, P-6 Natural Tan, P-8 Dark Coco, P-9 Black