Crosby G-450 Wire Rope Clip Forged HG


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Entire Clip-Galvanized to resist corrosive and rusting action.

Sizes 1/8″ through 2-1/2″ have forged bases.
All Clips are individually bagged or tagged with proper application instructions and warning information
Clip sizes up through 1-1/2″ have rolled threads
Meets or exceeds all requirements of ASME B3026 including identification, ductility, design factor, proof load and temperature requirements. Importantly, these wire rope clips meet other critical performance requirements including fatigue life, impact pro.
Look for the Red-U-Bolt, your assurance of Genuine Crosby Clips
Crosby Clips, all sizes 1/4″ and larger, meet the performance requirements of Federal Specification FF-C-450 TYPE 1 CLASS 1, except for those provisions required of the contractor

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Rigging Measurement

9/16", 1/2", 1/4", 3/16", 3/4", 3/8", 5/16", 5/8", 7/16", 1/8"