CreamBlend Stick


CreamBlend Stick

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CreamBlend Stick Makeup is a highly pigmented, refined cream makeup in a convenient ultra-portable stick. Our full coverage creamy formula was developed to withstand the utmost in extreme performance conditions including Broadway’s hot stage lights. CreamBlend Stick contains vitamins and antioxidants and is formulated without the petrolatum base often found in traditional “greasepaint” makeup. CreamBlend Stick Makeup provides the ultimate in coverage and performance.
Available in a .75 oz (21 g) container with twist dispenser

How to use this product:

CreamBlend makeup allows for greater flexibility in blending and mixing colors and stands up well under extreme lighting conditions. Set with Colorset Powder (and Barrier Spray) if desired. Remove with Makeup Remover followed by soap and water.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Mehron Foundation Color

BL Blue, DK1 Dark 1, DK2 Dark 2, DK3 Dark 3, DK4 Dark 4, 0S2 Light Olive, MW Moonlight White, LGY Light Grey, R Red, RB Really Bright Red, O Orange, Y Yellow, G Green, OG Ogre Green, MG Monster Grey, P Purple, PK Pink, A Auguste, S Silver, GD Gold, WH Warm Honey, LE Light Ebony, ME Medium Ebony, EI Fair Golden, EF Medium Golden, EJ Tan Golden, EC Espresso Cream, OS10 Dark Olive, TV6 Light Tan, OS4 Light/Medium Olive, OS6 Medium Olive, OS8 Medium/Dark Olive, W White, B Black, TV2 Ivory Bisque, TV4 Soft Beige, DK0 Dark 0, TV8 Medium Tan, LT0 Light 0, LT1 Light 1, LT2 Light 2, MED4 Medium 4, MDK4 Medium-Dark 4, MDK3 Medium-Dark 3, MDK2 Medium-Dark 2, MDK1 Medium-Dark 1, MDK0 Medium-Dark 0, LT3 Light 3, LT4 Light 4, MED0 Medium 0, MED3 Medium 3, MED1 Medium 1, MED2 Medium 2, 1B Alabaster, 4C Light Cocoa, 7C Sable Brown, 7.5B Light Auguste, 10C Ebony, 14B Butterfly Ivory, 22A Soft Peach, 22 Light Buff, 24 Neutral Buff, 26A Tan Glow, 26 Light Khaki, 38 Contour II