E.Y.E Powder & Cheek Powder Palette – 8 Shades


E.Y.E Powder & Cheek Powder Palette – 8 Shades

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A combined selection of our best-selling shades of E.Y.E Powders and CHEEK Powders in a mirrored palette including an eye shadow brush. Colors in this palette include Top Row (Left to Right) E.Y.E Powders: Black Onyx, Espresso, Cinnamon, Natural Wheat and Bottom Row (Left to Right) CHEEK Powders Bold Red, Rosewood, TropiCoral and Mocha. A great value. Available in a 1.6 oz (48 g) sleek, mirrored palette

How to use this product:

E.Y.E Powder Application: Apply E.Y.E Powder to a cosmetic brush and blend onto eyelid. For longer-lasting effect, prep bare eyelid with Primed? Eye Primer before applying E.Y.E Powder

CHEEK Powder Application: Sweep on cheek bones with a blush brush.

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