Glitterdust – .25oz

Glitterdust – .25oz



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A light and fine (.004) cosmetic grade polyester glitter that can be dusted on the hair and on the body.
Available in a .25 oz (7 g) container

How to use this product:

GlitterDust can be applied with fingertips, a cotton swab, a brush or can even be sprinkled on.
Tip: To keep GlitterDust from flying away, it is best to apply onto damp paint, cream makeup or a moist fingertip or brush. For use in hair, apply some hair spray and sprinkle glitter in before the hair spray dries.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Mehron Glitter Color

CP Copper, GD Gold, GM Gun Metal, HS Holographic Silver, S Silver, W Opalescent White