Paradise Glitter

Paradise Glitter


Paradise Glitter

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These dramatic sparkle finishes create unique, customized looks. Our shimmering full size glitter particles produce bold dramatic effects. Paradise Glitter reflects light with a brilliant, sparkling luster. Available in a .25 oz. size and a full range of vibrant colors

How to use this product:

Carefully pour Paradise Glitter onto a clean dry surface and apply with fingers or brush. Glitter can be sprinkled on or pressed on, depending on the desired effect.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Paradise Makeup AQ Color

B Black, C Cabernet, DBL Dark Blue, DGR Dark Green, F Fushia, GD Gold, OH Orange Harvest, P Purple, PG Pastel Green, PL Pastel Lavender, PP Pastel Pink, PSB Pastel Sky Blue, R Red, S Silver, W White